Giving it a x3x4x5 try..

Every time I start to get into an awesome routine and really work at getting my weight down .. something happens.. Last time I got really sick after 9 days of following my scheduled chart of planned exercises.. The time before that I hurt my ankle (old injury) .. it is so frustrating

What I also find is after I start seeing results which is always within the first 3 days.. I think ‘oh this is super easy..” and slack off.

The other issue is my mentality.. I used to be a size XS/S/5/6.. BUT I have always had curves.. Now that I have put on so much weight over the past 4 years I still have the mentality that I’m tiny.. and I’m not. It’s denial I guess.. I haven’t thrown out any of my clothes even though they don’t fit.. I only wear sweat pants or maxi skirts and it’s getting so tiresome.

Here is my plan.

I will make a new Exercise chart to follow to liven things up and I will follow a  2 week cleanse. My bad habits are eating late, iced caps and binge eating. Last time I only worked out and saw awesome results .. this time I want to try changing my habits, eating..sleeping.. everything to see if I can get results faster and actually enjoy the new routine.

I have been planning on visiting home for a while.. and I don’t even feel like I can go because of how I look right now. THIS HAS TO CHANGE!

For the cleanse.. I want to cut out sweets, dairy except eggs, gluten and meat. For 2 weeks.

I really wanna try making pasta with zucchini too! I love pasta so much but it’s so bad for you!

If anyone is on a similar journey I would love to chat!!

HERE I GO!!! xo